• Fruit Our range of delectable dried fruits - this includes all of the usual favourites and some specialty selections, as well as snack packs/bars/rolls.
  • Nuts We supply a wide range of salted and unsalted nuts. Mixed packs also available.
  • Seeds Seeds have numerous health benefits - if you’re not keen on the raw kind, why not try one of our great seed bars?
  • Sweets and Snacks A wonderful selection of snacks and sweet treats - great for lunchboxes, whether you plan to take them to work or to school!
  • Biltong No South African snack is complete without biltong! Our selection is very popular and will satisfy any preference.   Please contact Montagu Silverlakes...
  • Wine Nothing complements an evening snack like a glass of good wine. Why not order the two together?   Please contact Montagu Silverlakes for more details:...
  • Jams All our jams are free from added preservatives, flavourings and colourants! The Roscherr’s range of 100% fruit jams contains no cane sugar. It is...
  • Health Products A Selection of a few of the healthiest products 
  • Olive Products Olyfolie, Tapenade, Swart Olyw (drained olives), Groen Olywe (drained olives).