Sweets and Snacks

A wonderful selection of snacks and sweet treats - great for lunchboxes, whether you plan to take them to work or to school!

  • Savoury Snacks Japanese Rice Crackers, Roasted Corn Chutney Flavoured, Roasted Corn BBQ Flavoured, Roasted Corn Tomato Flavoured, Wasabi  Coated Peanuts.
  • Sweets Pink & White Sugar Coated Almonds, Multi Colour Sugar Coated Peanuts, Red Sugar CoatedPeanuts, Caramel Coated Popcorn, Tri Colour Choc Coated Sunflower.
  • Seed and Nut Bars Sesame Bar, Cashew Bar, Seed Brittle Bar, Granola Bar, Mixed Nut Bar, Peanut Bars.
  • Strip Packs Caramel Coated Popcorn, Trail Mix, Flaki Fruit, Mixed Dried Fruit Drops, Hawaiian Mix, Roasted Corn Chutney Flavoured, Thompson Seedless Raisins, Cashew Roast & Salted, Japanese Rice Crackers, Mixed Nuts Roast & Salted.
  • Snack Range Mixed Dried Fruit Drops, Tropical Mix, Flaki Fruit, Mixed Seedless Raisins, Blanched Peanuts Roasted & Salted, Cashew Raw, Cashew Roasted & Salted, Mixed Nuts Raw, Mixed Nuts Roasted & Salted, Peanuts & Raisins, Pistachio Roasted & Salted, Roasted Corn Chutney Flavoured,...
  • Yoghurt Coated Fruits Apri-Date Carob Coated, Apri-Date Yoghurt Coated, Apple Rings Yoghurt Coated, Almonds Carob Coated, Almonds Yoghurt Coated, Banana Carob Coated, Banana Yoghurt Coated, Carob Bar with Pecan Nuts, Dates Capuccino Coated, Dates Carob Coated, Dates Yoghurt Coated, Fruit Curls Yoghurt Coated, Mango...